Tons of Packing Feeding Station

Short Description:

DTL -1 ton package feeding station is specifically for large bags ( i . e . tons of bags ) when the dust spill , dust and other issues and other issues developed and designed feeding , unpacking equipment . Ton bag feeding station through the electric hoist will be the ton bag to the equipment feed port directly above , by artificial fixed ton bag inside the equipment sandwich mouth , through the ton bag bag for the ton bag bag seal to prevent dust spillage , and then through artificial for the ton bag unpack discharge material , and supplemented by beater , vibration device and other auxiliary facilities more conducive to the material in the ton bag to complete the unloading work . For the next process equipment direct feeding or for the gas transport , spiral transport and other conveyor systems for unpacking and feeding work .

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The DTL -2 feed station is based on the DTL -1 ton package feeding station based on the addition of small bags of packaging materials feeding function . Suitable for pharmaceutical , chemical , food , battery materials and other industries , small bags of materials and tons of bag packaging materials unpacking , delivery , sieve and discharge materials . Tons of bag unpacking is equivalent to the DTL -1 function , small bags unpacking due to the role of dust collection fan , can avoid material dust flying everywhere . When the material unpacks and pours into the next process , only manual direct unpacking is required into the system , and the material can be intercepted by large materials and foreign objects through a vibration sieve ( safety screen ), thus ensuring that the particles that do not meet the requirements are eliminated.


Types of Reactor:

  • • The structure of the bag opening station is simple and easy to operate.
    • The crusher crushes the agglomerates during the bag opening process to ensure the smooth progress of the next process.
    • The magnetic separator can remove foreign objects in the big bag.
    • Improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.
    • Closed bag opening, put an end to dust, improve the working environment, reduce production costs.
    • Bag opening, patting, crushing, magnetic separation integrated design, compact structure, easy operation.
    • It can be directly connected with glove box, hopper, reactor and other equipment.
    • Can provide pneumatic or electric control mode to realize remote monitoring.
    • Applicable working conditions: large bags of packaging materials with poor fluidity, easy moisture absorption and agglomerated materials.
    • According to different materials to choose different materials such as carbon steel,304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, titanium plate, etc.
    • According to the diversity of packaging specifications, bag rate and material characteristics, according to customer demand for detailed design.



Mainly applicable to particles , powdered materials of tons of bag unpacking and unloading materials , such as food raw materials , chemical raw materials , pharmaceutical raw materials , rubber industry , energy batteries , coatings industry.




Hoist Power (kw)

Unloading Speed (t/h)

Rotary Valve Power (kw)

Height (m)







Carbon Steel , SUS 304, SUS 316L