Pulse Bag Filter

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The pulse bag filter is composed of ash hopper, upper box, middle box, lower box and other parts, and the upper, middle and lower boxes are divided into chamber structures. When working, the dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper from the inlet duct, the coarse dust particles fall directly into the bottom of the ash hopper, the fine dust particles enter the middle and lower boxes upward with the air flow, the dust accumulates on the outer surface of the filter bag, and the filtered gas enters the upper box to the clean gas collection pipe-exhaust duct, and is discharged to the atmosphere through the exhaust fan. The ash cleaning process is to first cut off the clean air outlet air duct of the chamber, so that the cloth bag of the chamber is in a state where no air flow passes through (the air is stopped in the chamber and cleaned). Then open the pulse valve with compressed air for pulse spray cleaning, the shut-off valve closing time is enough to ensure that the dust peeled off from the filter bag after spraying settles to the ash hopper, avoiding the phenomenon that the dust is attached to the adjacent filter bag surface with the air flow after leaving the surface of the filter bag, so that the filter bag is cleaned thoroughly, and the exhaust valve, pulse valve and ash discharge valve are fully automatic control by the programmable controller.

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  • Pulse bag dust collector has strong ash cleaning ability, high dust removal efficiency, low emission concentration, less energy consumption, less floor space, and stable and reliable operation.
  • The purpose of thorough ash cleaning can be achieved by spraying once, the ash cleaning cycle is extended, and the life of the cloth bag is long
  • The upper bag extraction method is adopted to improve the operation conditions of bag changing
  • The box adopts airtight design, good sealing and low air leakage rate.
  • The inlet and outlet air ducts are arranged compactly, and the airflow resistance is small.