Introduction of Wet Scrubber

  1. Introduction:
The wet scrubber is composed of tower body, trays, reboiler and condenser. It is developed on the basis of the floating packing layer gas purifier. It is widely used in the pretreatment of industrial waste gas purification and dust removal, with perfect purification effect.
Wet scrubber is a kind of dust collector product that relies on strong centrifugal force to throw dust particles in smoke to the water film wall, and is washed away by the water flowing from the side wall, thereby removing dust particles.

  1. Feature:
The equipment adopts packed tower to purify the exhaust gas, which is suitable for the treatment of continuous and intermittent exhaust gas discharging. Process, management, operation and maintenance is very convenient and simple, will not affect the production of the workshop; It also has a wide application range in Industry.
  1. Application:
Widely used in the purification and treatment of acid and alkaline waste gas discharged in the process of chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing and other industries.

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