Introduction of Nauta Mixer

Conical Double Screws Mixer is asymmetrically cantilevered with two combined helixes, one is longer than the other, they make rotation circle their axes and at the same time make revolution circle the cone’s center axis, by which the material will be elevated repeatedly and form shearing, convection and diffusing in the cone cylinder to realize perfect mixing effect.

Double screw conical mixer rotated around its axes by right of two internal asymmetric spirals which is installed on the cantilever. Mean while, the rotational force from the cantilever drive two spiral doing revolution around conical chamber axle wire.

- Two inner asymmetric spiral upgrade materials by rotation.
- Tumbler low-speed rotation makes material circle motion.
- Spiral rotation and revolution make materials absorbed while diffuse to circle direction.
  • Two flow materials upward then down to center, which come into being a downward material flow.This way can full the bottom gap and form a convective circulation.

  • - Rich Experience & Excellent Design Aptitude
- Products are designed according to the characteristic of raw and finished materials and manufacturing process(i.e. Pressure requirement, proportion of solid and liquid) to meet the requirements in driving device, operability, sealing, etc. areas.

  • - Reliable Driving Device
- Different driving devices in various capacity, power and output speed are for option according to the materials, starting methods and mixing method.Driving motor uses SIEMENS, ABB, SEW , etc. international brands products, output torque can be output by direct-combination, chain-wheel combination, hydraulic couplers , etc..Reducers uses cycloidal pin gear reducer or worm gear reducer. The combination of hard-teeth reducer and cycloidal pin gear reducer is good for spray-type Nauta Mixer. (spray nozzle in the middle is better. )
  • - Nice Auxiliary Components
Auxiliary components are for option, such as: coil pipe steam heating jacket, honeycomb anti-pressure jacket, recycle-medium jacket, sampling valve, temperature detector, weighing system, dust collecting system, etc.

- Various type can be customized, such as spraying type, ex. proof type, heating type, vacuum type, etc.

- Equipment material can adopt carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SS321, and also polyurethane lining or coat- ed with high wear-resistant material.

- Valves: plum blossom valve, butterfly valve, flap valve and ball valve are for option.
This machine is widely used for mixing of powdery or paste materials in pharmaceutical, chemical and feed trades etc.

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