Horizontal Plough Mixer

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Horizontal plough mixer is a Germany-technical late-model mixing equipment with high efficiency, high uniformity, high loading coefficient but low energy cost, low pollution and low crush. The agitator consists of multi-group of plough and fly-cutter which works together to mixing, smash, and dispersing materials. It is widely used in the mixing of powder, powder-liquid and powder-particles, especially for the materials which may get aggregation during mixing. Liquid can be sprayed into powders. Vacuum system and drying system are also in option.

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  1. Brief Introduction:

  2. Orizontal plough mixer consists of drive disk assembly, agitator, round-shape cylinder, high-speed fly-cutter. The plough not only disperses materials along axial direction during high speed rotation, but drives the materials flow in circles around the cylinder wall, which settles the stratification efficiently. At the same time, fly-cutter rotates in high speed to smash the agglomeration. With the combined action of plough and fly-cutter, materials can be fully mixer in short period.



    • • Rich Experience & Excellent Design Aptitude
      Products are designed according to the characteristic of raw and finial products materials and manufacturing process (i.e. Pressure requirement, proportion of solid and liquid) to meet the requirements in driving device, operability, leakproofness and etc. areas.
      For instant, GETC industries developed high leakproofness, vacuumed and heating cylinder for battery materials, the entire equipment heated in 400℃ for some special powder, special fly-cutter also be improved for environmental engineering sludge treatment.
      • Reliable Driving Device
      Different driving devices in various capacity, power and output speed are in option according to the materials, starting methods and mixing method.
      Driving motor uses SIEMENS, ABB, SEW and etc international brands products, output torque can be output by direct-combination, chain-wheel combination, hydraulic couplers and etc.
      Reducers uses K series spiral cone gear reducer( or H series gear box reducer) with high usage coefficient, large rated torque, high conveying rate, safe, long service life, low noisy, low risk of failure, easy to maintenance and etc advantages.
      • High Efficient Mixing Device
      Plough adopts removable design which could adjust the gap between plough and chamber wall according to different fineness, fluidity of the materials.
      Different surface treatment are for option to strengthen the plough in hardness or wear-resistance, materials with high hardness also can be used to produce ploughs to meet the special operation conditions. Surface treatment includes surface carburizing / nitriding, heat treatment, tungsten carbide spray and etc.
      Main shaft agitator: traditional plough, serration plough, scraper plough; fly-cutter: multi-plate cross cutter, dual-plate lotus cutter and other customized cutters.
      • Nice Assistant Component
      Assistant components are in option, such as: coil steam heating jacket, honeycomb anti-pressure jacket, recycle-medium jacket, real-time sampling valve, high speed fly-cutter, temperature detector, weighting system, dust collecting system, vacuum drying system and etc.
      Spray and atomizing device are in option to spray little liquid which will mix the liquid into powders better. Spraying system consists of pressure source, liquid storage tank, spray device.
      Cylinders can be designed in carbon steel, SS304, SS316L, SS321, other harder alloy agitators can also be used on agitator. Lining of cylinder can be polyurethane or spraying wear-resistant material.
  1. Application:

      • Plough mixer is widely used to mix powder, granule, and small liquid additives in food, chemical, and construction line.
        It is particularly good at handling food additives, mortar, fertilizing, sludge, plastic, and special building material. The powerful shearing effect makes it high efficiency, and good mixing result.


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