Application in pharmaceutical APIs

With the developing of sterile requests by the Pharmaceutical, Foodstuff, Cosmetics etc. industrial applications, the GMP model jet mill system is increasing attract attention. Designed for the GMP sterile micronizing process, this complete set of system incorporates the equipments of the feeding, conveyance, micronizing, reconveyance, filling of dry powder processed.


  • • During processingthe prevent dust pollution to ensure the cleanliness and drying of the environment.
  • • The airflow pulverizer can achieve the effect of cell wall breaking and completely release the medicinal properties of drugs.
  • • Low temperature crushing can prevent the change of the medicinal properties of drugs.
  • • It can produce drugs of different fineness and increase the practical scope of drugs.
  • • Bag dust removal is adopted, and the collection rate is more than 99%, which effectively reduces the loss of raw materials.
  • • The material meets the pharmaceutical GMP certification standard.
  • • Pulverization system with closed isolation eliminates the threat to operator’s health and avoids drug contamination.
  • Verification Service:

  • The specialized verification service to establish documents that assures the compliance with the quality characteristics pre-defined by customer. The life cycle of verification starts from the formulation of URS; after design qualification, construction, transportation, installation qualification & the performance qualification is performed to check whether URS is completed.

    - Design Qualification (DQ)

    - Installation Qualification (IQ)

    - Operation Qualification (OQ)

    - Performance Qualification (PQ)



jet mill application in GMP and API jet mill application in GMP and API
jet mill application in GMP and API jet mill application in GMP and API
pharmaceutical isolator application spiral  jet mill in isolator

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