Application in Agrochemicals

We are a team of professionals that have come together to serve the growing demand of Chinese manufactured agrochemical formulation processing equipment. Industrial specialists who have combined experiences of over 20 years with these types of formulating plants.

• Customized Formulation Plant Design;
• Qualified Equipment Sourcing in China;
• Project Installation & Operational Training Support;
• After-Sale Maintenance Support;
• Formulation Plants Accessories Supplying;

Agrochemical Formulation Plant Design, Installation & Commissioning for Powder Plants (WP/SP), Granule Plants (WDG/WSG/GG) & Liquid Plants (SC/EC/SL).
Core Competencies:

- Specialist Technical Qualifications & Experiences
T2 Chemical Engineering & T2 Analytical Chemistry;
30 years in Chemical Industry with 25 years in Agrochemical Industrial;
15 years in Agrochemical Active Ingredient Synthesis Plants;
20 years in Agrochemical Formulating Plants;

- Plant Design Experiences & Main Optimized Services
Optimize Plant Layout within site constraints & Cost Effective Investment;
Improved Production Efficiency & PLC Automated Integrated System Controls;
Target Reduction of Production Costs & Equipment Quality Management and Controlling;
Health, Safety & Environment Compliance & Whole Services from Enquiry to After-sale Service;
Improved Operational Features including Automation & Maintenance Spare Parts Permanent Supplying;

Formulation Plant Service Scope:

- WP & SP Formulation Plants
  Jet mill Micronizing, Air Classifier Milling, Powder Blending Equipment, Dust Filtration and Scrubbing Technology;
- WDG, WSG & GG Formulation Plants
 Kneading, Granulating Machinery, Drying Equipment, Sieving & Packaging;
- SC, EC, SL Formulation Plants
 SS Mixing Technology, Bead milling, SS Reaction Technology, Glass lined Reaction Technology, Flame Proof Plant Technology, Liquid Filtration, Liquid filling machine.



SC formulation plant SC formulation plant
SC formulation plant SC formulation plant
SC formulation plant SC formulation plant

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